Trail du Grand Ballon

Trail grand ballon 70k (D+ 3369m) – 10h05min


Km 12 and others: Every time we came above the tree line strong wind and rain made it a very cold and wet experience.
Km 23: Around 300m elevation gain in 1 km, a real calf killer.
Km 30: Beautiful hike upwards along a big waterfall.
Km 40: Near collision with two huge deer that sprinted across the road 3m in front of me.
Km 48: Best soup (hot water with a bit of bouillon) I’ve had in my life. My hands felt that cold at the time that I had to warm them for several minutes to regain control of my fingers.
Km 52: My shoes fail and I have to remove the inner sole to keep on running.
Km 65-70: The rain turned into snow to have a more epic finish !

Despite the hard conditions I felt good most of the time. Next race will be my second attempt at a 100+ km (end of May). That will be the real test, looking forward to it!

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